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Effectively Eliminating Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Allergens, and more with the Power of Natural Enzymes

Every day, our bodies are exposed to various surface and airborne toxins that can have a detrimental effect on our well-being. From molds, bacteria, and viruses to allergens, odors, and insects, these contaminants pose a challenge to maintaining a healthy home.

At Genesis Healthy Homes, we are dedicated to providing effective solutions that harness the best quality offerings from the natural world, ensuring a healthy and clean living environment. That’s why we have partnered with Healthy Homes Inc., the leading provider of all-natural residential and commercial biological solutions, to bring you a range of healthy home services that traditional alternatives.

Healthy Homes Inc.
In Partnership with Healthy Homes Inc.

Genesis Healthy Homes proudly partners with Healthy Homes Inc., a pioneer in the field of natural, biological solutions. With roots dating back to a 2005 study on the effectiveness of enzymes in replacing chemicals in household cleaners, Healthy Homes has developed a range of proprietary BioSolutions. These BioSolutions are meticulously crafted using essential oils, vegetable oils, botanical surfactants, and living plant-based biologicals, providing a suite of solutions for residential and commercial pollutants. Our mission is to replace the use of harsh synthetic chemicals with the best nature has to offer, without burning a hole in your wallet.

Natural Mold Removal & Remediation Services

We specialize in professional mold removal and remediation services here in the Kansas City area. We understand the importance and serious nature of mold in any home or business, and we are committed to providing you with a safe, controlled approach that ensures the health and well-being of your family, friends, or employees. Our unique approach incorporates the use of our natural, enzyme-based products, which allow us to remove both airborne and surface-based mold growth effectively. By utilizing these natural products, we can limit tear-out during mold remediation projects, as the powerful enzymes penetrate porous materials and eliminate mold down to its root within. With over eight years of experience, we have successfully returned hundreds of homes in the Kansas City metro area to their original, healthy state, all while offering cost-effective solutions that often meet or beat the price of traditional alternatives.

Mold Inspection and Testing Kansas City

Trust the Experts at Genesis to Give You a Healthy Home...NATURALLY!

From removing toxic mold to improving the overall indoor air quality with our Kansas City air quality testing and services, our specialists are experts in returning homes to their original, healthy state..

Looking for natural solutions to mold and other home health concerns?

Our team of experts is trained to help you identify whether mold or another potential contaminant could be intruding into your home and affecting the health of you and your family. We offer free inspections and comprehensive air quality testing services in the Kansas City metro area,

Whether mold is the problem, or you’re experiencing other common issues, such as radon or allergens, we’ll help you breathe easy once more with your Healthy Home.

Call us today at (913) 909-3582 to schedule a free inspection and estimate with the professionals at Genesis Healthy Homes!

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