In our latest case study, developed in partnership with Healthy Homes Inc., we highlight a recent mold remediation project of ours that helped safeguard a family’s health here in Kansas City. The case began when a young family, including their two small children, started experiencing persistent allergy-related symptoms. Despite their best efforts, the homeowners, who own a local water damage restoration company, couldn’t find any visible signs of mold or water damage in their newly constructed home. Concerned about their children’s health, they sought our expertise to uncover the hidden problem affecting their indoor air quality.

The Genesis Healthy Homes team arrived at the home and were able to determine the likely cause behind the hidden mold contamination and ensuing air quality concerns. Our team quickly moved to implement a comprehensive solution to eliminate the settled and airborne mold, beginning with air scrubbing and HEPA vacuuming all carpeted areas of the home. We then fogged the entire air volume and carpets with DE-Mold, our advanced plant-based biological treatment. Post-testing conducted after the treatment, and again three months later at the request of the family, showed a dramatic reduction in mold spore counts, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the children and the whole family.

Explore the detailed process and impressive results that brought relief and peace of mind to this grateful family in the full case study below.